Planète Recycleur is a diving center only for closed circuit rebreather.
Each client disposes of a personalised service depending on his wishes, the service is adapted to the client.

Booking a rebreather diving trip is easy : for one person or a group, please contact me. I will set up a personal program as soon as I get your requirements.

Exploration and diving lessons can be included, with possibility of renting a Buddy Evolution Plus Rebreather or Megalodon rebreather. But then the minimum level requiered is CMAS 3* or Rescue Diver Padi, both with Advanced Nitrox certification.

Your certification is valided by the diving organization technique TDI (Technical Diving International).

Please find the rates in the section below.

> CCR Initiation

Your First Dive traditionally takes place in the lagoon. This spot, protected from the currents and in relatively shallow waters, is best to experience the new feelings that the rebreather dive will bring up to you. The dive lasts one hour, down to a maximal depth of 15 meters.

> Course - Air Diluant Dive

This program includes 8 hours dives : 2 to 3 pratice dives on the lagoon ; followed by 4 or 5 dives in the ocean on a maximal depth of 30 m.

> Course - Air Diluent Decompression

This program includes 8 hours dives, it is the advanced air diluent course.

> Exploration Dive - Air Diluent Dives

The exploration dives are done in the ocean. The maximal depth is 40 meters for air diluent dive. 

> Course and Exploration Dives - Mixed gas Dives

On demande, please contact me.


You can hire a Buddy Evolution Plus Electronic Closed Circuit Rebreather or a Megalodon closed circuit rebreather
The CCR is the best to optimize the bottom time, ascent or the deco. More user-friendly, it is particularly adapted to the 40 m dives. Allowing the best discovery of the undersea world; its fauna and flora.

My rebreather : Megalodon Electronic Closed Circuit Rebreather.

  • BOAT

SILLINGER - 650 PRO RAID 150Cv 4T Suzuki


The rebreather optimizes the time both under water and for decompression. Specific attention is given to security:

- We only use medical oxygen

- We use lime which is specificaly recommended for diving (Dräger or Sofnolime)

- The Dive center boats are properly equiped for oxygen therapy equipment, and emergencies are dealt with the recompression block in Noumea.


 Please contact me.