Wth the wealth of a thirty-year experience in diving, includind 7 years of pratice and instruction on electronic closed circuit rebreather Buddy Evolution and Megalodon, I can train you and/or lead you, in complete safety, in the paradisal environement of New Caledonia.

Federal Diplomas First Dive
Diving club Initiator
Second degree (Level 4)
in 1977
in 1984
in 1984
State Diplomas CFAPSE
B.E.E.S 1° 1st Degree Dive
in 1994
in 1994
CMAS Diplomas Nitrox Instructor
Trimix Instructor
Evolution/Inspiration advanced mixed gas Instructor
in 2006
in 2006
in 2008
TDI Diplomas Nitrox Instructor
Trimix Instructor
CCR Inspi/Evo Air Diluent Instructor
CCR Inspi/Evo Trimix Instructor
MEGALODON Advanced Mixed Gas Diver
CCR MEGALODON air diluent Deco Instructor
in 2007
in 2007
in 2006
in 2007
in 2007
in 2009
2B Class Professional Diver in 2008


From 1984 untill Today : Open circuit guiding and training
May 2006 : Begining of Trimix CCR dives
September 2006 : Draëger Ray Rebreather Assistant for a movie team, "3D entertaiment" (Mantello) (Rurutu, Papeete, Moorea, Tonga)
October 2006 : Begining of Trimix CCR training
Begining of this training activity on Evolution Air Diluent CCR in Polynesia
June 2007 : CCR Assistant of Cameraman Yves Lefèvre for the BBC
September 2007 : ACCR Assistant in Rurutu for the Japonese television CIBER NETWORK
100m and more Exploration dives :
February 2007 :

September 2007 :
First observation outside Cook Islands of Centropyge narcosis at 115 m deep and Belonoperca pylei around 100m in Tiputa, Rangiroa
151 m deep dive in Rangiroa (See Events)